Compound Interest Calculator

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How to use

Advanced Compound interest calculator is a tool for calculating future return on investment if you invest on a regular basis.

  • Starting Amount : Enter the starting amount.
  • Monthly Contribution : Enter the contribution to be added each month. The entered amount will be added to the principal from the second month.
  • Time : Enter the investment period. Compound interest is repeated as many times as you enter it.
  • Interest Rate : Enter the expected compound interest rate.
  • Compound Frequency : Enter the compound frequency.
  • Calculate : Outputs the result calculated with compound interest.

Compound Frequency

The compound frequency determines when previously accrued interest is reflected in the next calculation.

  • Annually : In the annual frequency, interest for one year is used to calculate the next year.
  • Semiannually : In the semiannually frequency, interest for previous half-year is used to calculate the next half.
  • Quarterly : In the quarterly frequency, interest for one quarter is used to calculate the next quarter.
  • Monthly : In the monthly frequency, interest for one month is used to calculate the next month.
  • Daily (360/yr) : In the daily frequency, interest accrued each day is used for calculation of the next day. This calculator assumes 30 days in a month and 360 days in a year. Therefore, there may be slight differences from the actual results.